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B-101 Pulse Vac

B-101 Pulse Vac

Quick Overview

The B-101 Pulse Vac is the most essential and recommended vacuum by contractors today.



The B-101 Pulse Vac is unlike any other vacuum on the market today. The built-in air filter pulsation system continuously cleans the air filter, making it ideal for the removal of fine dust powders without clogging.

The B-101 Pulse Vac houses twin vacuum motors and an on-board air compressor only drawing 16 Amps at 120V. Your reduction in filter cleaning labor combined with its adaptability to all shrouded equipment.

The B-101 Pulse Vac is the most essential and recommended vacuum by contractors today.



  • Built-in Compressed Air Filter Pulsation
  • MERV16 Rated Main Filter
  • 120 Volt
  • Twin Vac Motors
  • 16 Amp draw
  • 89” H2O Lift (sealed)
  • 205 CFM @ 2”
  • Durable Plastic Drum
  • Replaceable Drum Liner



Specification Sheet

Construction: Plastic 16 Gallon Drum
  Powder Coated Steel Body
Vacuum Hose: 2" x 20' 
Vacuum Motor: 120 Volts (16 Amp Draw)
Compressor: 120 Volt
Height: 36" (91cm)
Length: 29" (74cm)
Width: 15" (38cm)
Weight: 115 LBS (52kgs)
Wheels: 2 @ 8" Rubber Wheels
  1 @ 4" Swivel Caster
Primary Filtration (Specially Designed Pleated Cartridge):

#10129-H  Spun Bond W/PTFE Coating (Standard Filter in all BW Manufacturing, Inc. equipment):

SpunBond P.T.F.E., 70 pleats, 31 Sq. Ft media.

Efficiency of 99.7% @ .03 Microns (Minimum Efficiency Rating Value (MERV) 16 Rating - Out of the box)


 #10129-B Cellulose Paper/Polyester Blend Filter (Optional Replacement Filter)

80/20 Blend, 120 pleats, 53 Sq. Ft media.

Efficiency of 99.9% @ 1 Micron with a seasoned ( caked ) filter.

Vacuum Chart

Model Port Size CFM Inches Of Lift
A-101 (Electric) Sealed 0 120.0"
A-101 (Electric) 1 @ 2" 205 3.0"

All specifications are taken directly from the vacuum motors manufacture specification sheet.

These figures should be used as a reference only.


Additional Info

Additional Info

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