Concrete Milling 101

The concrete floor preparation process is not an easy one. There are many different processes that go into making a piece of concrete or pavement look great, as well as different equipment necessary to give the concrete the brand new appearance that makes it stand out. It’s not like a pencil, where to erase something that was written one simply needs to erase what was on the paper and start writing again. But, surprisingly, the same concept applies.

Concrete milling is the process of removing a layer of concrete from a road, bridge, or parking lot in order to resurface the parking lot. Sometimes this method is preferable to repaving the concrete or diamond grinding or scarifying the concrete down to achieve the desired surface quality and smoothness.

What is Concrete Milling?

Concrete milling is the process of removing part of the surface of a paved area.

Good for Recycling

Part of the benefit of concrete milling is that the concrete of the road is recycled and ground up to be used as the aggregate for the new pavement that is going to be put down on top of the old layer. The same can be done during the milling of asphalt surfaces. This means that resurfacing is not going to be hard on the environment.

Five Classes

There are five different classes of concrete milling that are performed. Class I concrete milling is done to remove surface irregularities. Class II is to institute a uniform depth as shown on plans. Class III is the same as Class II but includes a cross scope. Class IV milling goes to the base of the concrete. Class V milling includes going to different depths at different locations.

Why Mill the Concrete?

Like the other processes of concrete floor restoration, concrete milling is able to help in the restoration of the concrete, resulting in a better and smoother surface. Concrete milling can remove surface irregularities. It can remove ruts that appear in the paths taken by the wheels of cars.

BW Manufacturing is the leader in making equipment that is designed for concrete floor preparation. Shot blast equipment, concrete scarifying equipment, and other types of surface preparation equipment for concrete are available from them, and they are able to ship internationally as well.

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