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BW Manufacturing, Inc. was founded in 1996. Since then, our goal has been to build high-quality, easily serviceable, long-lasting surface preparation equipment. Our products are made for contractors in the building, restoration and maintenance industries, as well as utility plants, manufacturing plants, and the Armed forces. BW’s clients include large construction firms that specialize in the roadway, bridge deck, parking garage, and airport runway projects. We manufacture all of our equipment in one location, at our facility in Grand Rapids, Michigan. We assure quality control during every step. Quality is a major focus for BW Manufacturing, which has driven our company to perform 95 percent of our manufacturing in house. BW Manufacturing is also focused on continuously improving our manufacturing processes and we have integrated sustainable practices in our work. Such as ride-on equipment meeting the regulations for Tier 4 emission standards. As well as a focus on current OSHA regulations for dust containment making sure all equipment is compliant with the law.

BW is always redesigning new accessories for existing concrete grinding equipment to increase utilization for use on the next generation of flooring materials. Our dedicated team strives to be, not only knowledgeable about the shot blasting equipment that we sell but also understand our customer’s needs and requirements. Contractors continue to face growing concerns regarding a shrinking workforce, tighter production schedules, and increasing environmental regulations. Paints, coatings, mortars and floor coverings are becoming more difficult to remove or repair. BW Manufacturing, along with the cooperation of our worldwide network of dealers and users, will continue to improve our products and introduce new and innovative tools.

If you are an existing customer, we thank you for your business and look forward to continuing to earn your ongoing business. If you are not a current customer, we welcome the opportunity to demonstrate to you why BW Manufacturing, Inc. is the leader in concrete floor prep equipment. We offer a complete line of concrete diamond grinding tools and replacement parts to meet your needs. Here at BW Manufacturing, we are willing to prove the value of our equipment through demonstrations – before the sale and unprecedented follow up after the sale. With our continued commitment to customer service and the development of new dependable concrete grinding products, BW Manufacturing, Inc. is positioned to forge ahead, impacting this growing industry.

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Bruce Williams, President & Founder

Founder Bruce Williams started the company in 1996. After working in the floor coating industry for many years, Bruce was inspired to go into business for himself when he became dissatisfied with the equipment that was available at the time. Bruce realized he could build better equipment and did so in his home garage. Over the years, Bruce has built BW Manufacturing on a slow and steady pace, delivering machines that offered more versatility than those offered by his competitors. One of the biggest landmark designs was the interchangeable heads on the ride-on machines – no one in the industry had that option. Bruce also made machines that were more user-friendly than ever! He made the machines easy to maintain and operate, noting that BW Manufacturing’s machines can be repaired with a handful of tools, and not an overly complicated machine to work on.

Today, BW Manufacturing has established a niche in the concrete sector with its products, which include shot blasters, diamond grinders and polishers, dust containment systems, as well as scarifying equipment.

Meet the Team

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Darrel Miller

General Manager

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Randy Shanks

Director of Sales & Marketing

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Eli Luke


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Nick Johnson

Sales Processes & Marketing Manager

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Dennis Wray

Dedicated Equipment Specialist

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Duncan Grey

Customer Advocate

Join the BW Family

At BW Manufacturing, we attribute our success to our staff. Our team is made up of fabricators, welders, assemblers, inside and outside sales reps, shipping and receiving associates, as well as administrative staff. We look for specific traits from our employees, including qualities such as a good personality, a good skill set, and someone who will fit into our company culture.


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