Shot Blaster vs Grinder

BW Manufacturing covers a wide array of surface preparation equipment, including shot blasters and grinders. You may find yourself wondering which of these machines is right for the job you are about to tackle. Let’s go over some of the main differences between the two.

What are Shot Blasters?

Shot blasters are generally faster. They provide the ability to cover a large area in a smaller amount of time than a grinder, which is always a plus. Another great attribute of the shot blaster is that it can work on many different types of surfaces. It isn’t restricted by floors with complicated crevices, high spots, or low spots. Additionally, shot blasters generally create less fine dust particles, making for a cleaner and safer work environment for contractors.

What are Diamond Grinders?

Diamond grinders are versatile and great when it comes to performing different types of jobs and can be used in wet or dry environments. Generally, they leave a smoother surface than a shot blaster because of their polishing capabilities and use of diamonds to polish even the hardest of surfaces.

As mentioned above, shot blasters are masters of limiting dust and debris in the air, but grinders are handy in this department, too. There are vacuum attachments that can be purchased for this purpose. Grinders are good for eliminating thin coatings and polishing concrete with fine abrasives.

Both of these machines are effective at what they are designed to do.

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