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Shot Blasting Concrete 101

Wondering if shot blasting is the best option for preparing your concrete surfaces? Here’s a beginner’s guide to shot blasting concrete.

What is Shot Blasting?

Scarifying Concrete

Shot blasting concrete is a resurfacing process that uses metal beads “shot” out of a machine to “blast” away tough debris and contaminants. 

It’s a comparable method to sand blasting, but it provides a much more powerful clean due to the size and speed of the metal pellets. 

How Does it Work?

Shot blasting machines use a centrifugal blast wheel to shoot metal beads down at the concrete. 

While the wheel spins, the beads are funneled in, launching them out through a space aimed at the concrete surface. The high velocity of the metal beads chips away the top layer, exposing a cleaner surface. 

Don’t worry, there won’t be metal pellets flying all over the place. Shot blasting machines contain the entire process. The broken-up debris gets sucked into a dust collector while the metal beads cycle back into the machine. 

When is Shot blasting Concrete the Best Option?

Shot blasting is commonly used in concrete resurfacing, restoration, and repair. It’s a great way to clean concrete floors, prepare them for epoxy and paint coatings, and create non-slip surfaces. 

Concrete resurfacing operations are often part of:

  • Bridge construction and repair
  • Parking garage construction and repair
  • Warehouse and factory flooring
  • Other concrete spaces where grip and cleanliness are important

Safety Advantages

Shot blasting concrete is an effective way to create safe non-slip surfaces, due to the metal beads creating texture in the concrete. Think of this like treads on a tire!

The process doesn’t require any toxic chemicals, and the metal beads can be used multiple times to avoid waste.

Efficiency Advantages

Shot blasting is a great way to prepare floors for paint or epoxy coatings. It creates a cleaner space with more surface area for the new materials to hold onto. 

Additionally, shot blasting concrete doesn’t require a lot of cleanup!  As we mentioned before, the broken up material is collected within the machine, saving you time and energy.

What Does It Cost to Shot Blast Concrete?

There are a few different factors that contribute to the cost of shot blasting, such as:

  • The square footage of your workspace
  • The model you use
  • How long you operate the machinery

Don’t worry, our experienced team can help you figure out exactly what equipment you need based on these factors. We have shot blasting machines that work great for projects of different sizes, capabilities, and budgets.

The Multi-Purpose Chassis

Multi purpose chassis

It’s so good that it demands a second mention. We are the only manufacturer with an all-in-one interchangeable chassis for your concrete surface preparation needs. 

You’ll be shocked at how effortless it is to switch between shot blasting, scarifying, and diamond grinding, saving you time and energy. 

You’ll no longer have to wait for additional equipment to be delivered, since you’ll have one machine that can handle it all.

With our Multi-Purpose Chassis, your business will finally have the power to execute tasks with multiple capabilities faster, and with great results. 

Project management will become streamlined since you’ll be able to switch between shot blasting, diamond grinding, and scarification operations without bringing in new machines.

Your maintenance and repair costs will also be reduced, now that you’ll only need to maintain a single chassis, rather than multiple machines. 

By saving you precious time and money, and improving your performance capabilities, BW Manufacturing’s equipment will empower you to bid for more jobs. 

Want to learn more about our Multi-Purpose Chassis? Click the link and see how you could be doing your job better than ever before. 


Shot blasting concrete is great for resurfacing, restoration, and repair. You’ll have a safer, cleaner, and more coating-ready surface when you’re done! 

The process is quick, doesn’t use toxic chemicals, and doesn’t require a lot of cleanup. 

We carry a great variety of shot blasting machines, and can help you figure out what works best for your project needs and budget. 

With our Multi-Purpose Chassis, you’ll be able to switch to other projects with ease, saving you time and money. 

Contact us to speak with an expert about product questions, or to get a quote!

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