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Try It Before You Buy It.

BW Manufacturing is proud to offer free, full service training and demos at our facility in Comstock Park, MI for our current customers and potential customers. 

We understand purchasing surface preparation equipment can be a tedious process with very little unbiased information out there. We want our customers to be fully committed and confident while purchasing their new BW chassis or dust containment system. We have tried to make it as simple as possible to try it before you buy it.

If you are a new customer and simply want to see the unit you are interested in before purchasing, we offer full demo days on our whole fleet of equipment. We have a dedicated D-1800-FT4 at our facility that is strictly used for demo purposes. Our training team can walk you through operation, maintenance and all the tips and tricks that will make your job easier while using our equipment on your job site.

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In Depth Maintenance Training

We also offer extended maintenance training periods for current customers and new customers. If you already own a BW machine and want a refresher on maintenance, operation and training, set up an appointment with our dedicated team to keep your fleet in perfect operating condition and your team up to date with all factory recommended service. We will show you the manufacturer recommended service with all appropriate tools and techniques we use in producing this equipment. We will show you how to tell if your blades and liners are worn on your BH-18 and how to change them, how to re-rack an SC-16 cage, and all the daily grease points and operator tips on the D-1800-FT4 chassis. If there are maintenance or training tips you are specifically looking for, we are happy to dive into anything you want relating to the machine you are using or looking to purchase.

Can’t Make It to Michigan?

We want your purchase and ownership of our equipment to be as easy as possible. Looking for job site specific training for your whole team? We will come to you. Request a travel training quote for pricing or schedule a free training session at our facility in Michigan.

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