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A-404 Pulse Vac

A-404 Pulse Vac

Quick Overview

The A-404 Pulse Vac has been designed for the contractor who requires large amounts of dust containment.



The A-404 Pulse Vac has been designed for the contractor who requires a larger amount of dust containment, automatic filter pulsation, and a high CFM. The A-404 utilizes a 55-gallon drum that can contain up to 1000 lbs. of material, and with the optional Drum Liner, the material can be disposed of quickly and properly. The A-404 offers two 5” inlet ports, along with optional motor choices between a 5.5HP Honda gas engine and a 220V Electric motor, expand the versatility of the vacuum.

The field-tested, and proven pulsation control is designed for maximum productivity in the field. And with a reversed charge of compressed air, the filters are alternately pulsed clean every 10-15 seconds ensuring the A-404 has a continuous vacuum. 

With your reduction in filter cleaning labor, adaptability to all shrouded equipment, and rugged construction make the A-404 a perfect fit for your dust containment needs.


A-404 Training Video Provided by Lithko Contracting. 

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  • Built-in Compressed Air Filter Pulsation
  • MERV16 Rated-99.7% @ .3 Microns Main Filters
  • 5.5hp Honda Gas Engine (220V Optional)
  • 18” H2O Lift (sealed)
  • 1175 CFM @ one 5” (Certified under Project# 17-161)
  • 55 Gallon Drum (1000lbs. Capacity)
  • Two 5” Inlets



Specification Sheet

Construction: Powder Coated Steel
Vacuum Hose: 5" x 15' Wire Reinforced
Motor Options: 5hp 220 Volt Single Phase (18 Amp Draw)(BUILT TO ORDER)
  5.5hp Gas (Honda)
Compressor: 2.5 cfm Air Cooled - Oil-less
Height: 61" (155cm)
Length: 42" (107cm)
Width: 34" (87cm)
Weight: 590 LBS (268kgs)
Wheels: 2 @ 8" Rubber Stationary Casters
  2 @ 8" Rubber Swivel Casters
Primary Filtration (Specially Designed Pleated Cartridge):

 #10129-H  Spun Bond W/PTFE Coating (Standard Filter in all BW Manufacturing equipment)

SpunBond P.T.F.E., 70 pleats, 31 Sq. Ft media.

Efficiency of 99.7% @ .03 Microns (Minimum Efficiency Rating Value (MERV) 16 Rating - Out of the box)


#10129-B Cellulose Paper/Polyester Blend Filter (Optional Replacement Filter)

80/20 Blend, 120 pleats, 53 Sq. Ft media.

Efficiency of 99.9% @ 1 Micron with a seasoned ( caked ) filter.

Vacuum Chart


Model Port Size CFM Inches Of Lift
A-404 (Gas or Electric) Sealed 0 18.2
A-404 (Gas or Electric) 1 @ 5" 1175 3.0
A-404 (Gas or Electric) 2 @ 5" 620 Each Port 1.5

All testing has been completed in a controlled environment at BW Manufacturing by Great Lakes Balancing using a Shortridge Airdata Multimeter - Model# ADM 860 on November 28th, 2017 and measured at the neck of each vacuum.

These figures should be used as a reference only.

Additional Info

Additional Info

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