What is a Magnet Broom and Do I Need One?

What on Earth is a Magnet Broom? It is essentially the swiss-army knife of construction clean-up. It is a magnet, brush, and vacuum all in one easy device. Whether it’s for concrete grinding or simple dust vacuuming on your new concrete floor, a magnet broom can easily save a lot of time. Here at BW, we offer two very versatile types of Magnet Brooms:

Electronic Magnet Broom

BR-25 Magnet/Broom Head

Our Electronic Magnet Broom comes as an attachment to the SCB-1200 Chassis for shot blast concrete clean up. This device is both a rapid and easy tool for cleaning various floors, driveways, warehouses, and other types of surfaces. The vacuum portion of the BR-25 takes in any rubble and remains while the magnet portion takes in any hard metal materials that normally ding up the inside of vacuums. The BR-25 operates as an automatic sweeper for any left over debris so you don’t have to worry about that extra hour of manual cleaning.

BR-25 Magnet/Broom Head Applicable surfaces:

  • Warehouse Floors
  • Garage Floors
  • Industrial Floor Cleaning
  • Driveways
  • Walkways
  • Aisle Ways
Logistics of the SCB-1200 Chassis:

The SCB-1200 contains the following interchangeable heads: BH-12 Shotblast Head, SC-12 Scarifier Head, DG-25 Diamond Grinder/Polisher Head, and of course the BR-25 Magnet/Broom Head.

The SCB-1200 also contains non-marking tires, a hydrostatic drive, a 4.5 cfm compressor, a 1480 cfm vacuum, manual steering, and a collector capacity of 3.8 Cubic Feet.

It has a length of 81″ (206cm), a width of 35″ (89cm), and a height of 54″ (137cm). It weighs 1200 LBS (544kgs). Its motor options include both a Kubota DH902 Tier IV Diesel 24.8hp, and an Electric Motor 25HP (230V-64Amp/480V-32Amp Three Phase). Its minimum Aisle Width is 54″ (137cm) (Blastable or Grindable Width)

Logistics of the BR-25 Magnet/Broom Head Attachment:

It has a cleaning path of 25″ (64cm), Magnet size of 25″ (64cm), seal system brushes, 3 @ 3-1/5″ (8.89cm) Swivel wheels, and weighs in at 150lbs (68kgs). Its Side Sweep Clearance To Wall measures at 3″ (8cm). Its Front Sweep Clearance To Wall measures at 22″ (56cm). Its overall width (including SCB-1200 Chassis attachment) is 51″ (130cm).

Analog Magnet Broom

M-30 Magnetic Sweeper

As much as we’d all love a large, automatic Magnet Broom, there are always those little hard to reach spots of debris that are too specific for the BR-25. One device needed for any occasion is the M-30 Magnetic Sweeper. This 30” Magnetic Sweeper is an easy, portable device for any shot blaster equipment clean up.

The M-30 carries 10” rubber wheels mounted in the back to move with quick and accessible maneuverability. It contains a ceramic magnet so large that it extends the pick-up area beyond the sweeper’s reach. There is also a release level mounted at the handle for ideal control.

Whichever device best suites your needs, a Magnet Broom is definitely a wonderful addition to your shot blasting needs.

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