What is Scarifying Equipment?

When you hear scarifying equipment what do you think of? We’ve chuckled when people mentioned to us that it was equipment used to scare people. With Halloween coming up we hear friends crack jokes asking if we are going to ride our Scarifier while trick or treating. I let them laugh while we’re raking in the dough. At any rate, many people have no idea what it is and what the purpose of them are. In this article we are going to break Scarifiers apart and give you the lowdown.

Scarifying Equipment doesn’t scare people

The definition of scarifying is to cut and remove debris with a Scarifier. Scarifiers are no joke, they are as bad-ass as they look. The purpose of scarifying equipment for contractors is to level and remove debris from flooring and pavements. This piece of machinery is highly crucial for completing a job properly. How are you going to try to sell a house with a crappy sidewalk or driveway? They say not to judge a book by its cover, but in this case plenty of potential buyers do!

If you haven’t been introduced to Scarifying equipment for concrete then we are going to give you a nice brief introduction to the type of Scarifying equipment available on the market today.

Types of Scarifying Equipment

Scarifying Equipment is no one size fit all. There are different types of Scarifiers that fit different needs for different jobs. As a contractor only you can figure this out for yourself.

For smaller projects there is the smaller sized ‘SC-9 Scarifier’. The SC-9 Scarifier is the contractor’s solution for small to medium sized coating removal and jobs involving surface preparation equipment for concrete

Scarifiers for Bigger Projects

For bigger projects we have the dynamic duo. These beasts of nature really get the job done efficiently and swiftly within a minute’s notice!

First out of the dynamic duo we have the beast itself, the ‘SC-12 Scarier Head Attachment for SCB-1200 Chassis’. This state of the art piece of machinery is self-leveling and is designed to adjust itself to different contours of the floor or pavement.

Last but not least, we have the ‘SC-16 Scarifying Head Attachment for SCB-1600 Chassis’. This beautiful monster is ideal for use on rubber membranes, mastics, epoxy coatings and line stripes.

Thinking about purchasing Scarifying Equipment for your company?

By reading this you have learned that Scarifying Equipment does not scare people. What it does scare is companies who are without a scarifier, watching their competition leave them in the dust. Trying to complete a job without a Scarifier would just be brutal and downright inhumane to your employees and yourself. We hope you realize the importance of having scarifying equipment for pavement and flooring projects. If you are on the market for Scarifying Equipment then browse through our selection of Scarifying Equipment.

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