SC-12 Scarifier Head Attachment (for SCB-1200)

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BW Manufacturing has produced the only mid-sized ride on surface preparation machine on the market. The SCB-1200 features a removable dust containment box with wheels for ease of dumping. The interchangeable heads give you the mobility and versatility to switch applications in minutes. Ergonomically designed one-handed operation controls for raising and lowering heads, and easy to turn manual steering were designed with the contractor in mind. The SC-12 Scarifying Head attachment is a state of the art design that is self-leveling, automatically adjusting itself to different contours of the floor or pavement. You will achieve an accurate removal of thin mill coatings to 1/4” overlays. Versatility is the key to the SCB-1200 with SC-12 Scarifier Head attachment. With quick-change cages you can go from steel to carbide cutters as well as different cage widths in minutes. The SCB-1200 with SC-12 Scarifier Head Attachment will put you ahead of the competition with its faster production rates, and a vacuum collector system that eliminates dust and removes all material from the scarified surface.

Chassis Specification Sheet 

Optional Interchangeable Heads: BH-12 Shotblast Head
SC-12 Scarifier Head
DG-25 Diamond Grinder/Polisher Head
BR-25 Magnet/Broom Head
Tires: Non-Marking
Length: 81″ (206cm)
Width: 35″ (89cm)
Height: 54″ (137cm)
Weight: 1200 LBS (544kgs)
Motor Options: Kubota D902-E3B Tier IV Diesel 24.8hp
Electric Motor 25HP (230V-64Amp/480V-32Amp Three Phase)
Drive: Hydrostatic
Compressor: 4.5 cfm
Vacuum: 1480 cfm
Steering: Manual
Collector Capacity: 3.8 Cubic Feet
Minimum Aisle Width: 54″ (137cm) (Blastable or Grindable Width)

Scarifier Attachment Specification Sheet

Production Capacity: 500 to 1000 Square Feet Per Hour (46 to 93 Square Meters Per Hour)
Cleaning Path: 4″ to 12″ (10cm to 30cm)
Width With Attachment: 40″ (102cm)
Weight: 420 LBS (191kgs)
  • Rubber Membrane Removal
  • Concrete Milling
  • Line Striping
  • Bridge and Parking Decks