DG-71-ME Hand Grinder

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The new innovative DG-725-ME Grinder Shroud was designed to grind irregular surface environments encountered on concrete floors. The first of it’s kind steel sealing ring glides easily over any surface, and is carburized and hardened to give you years of dust free grinding without wear. The DG-725-ME also features a rubber mount specifically designed to connect to the shroud. The rubber mount allows you to move the grinder at any angle, while keeping the sealing ring of the shroud body in full contact with the concrete surface, providing exceptional dust containment. A rubber diaphragm controls the amount of vacuum force that is connected to the grinder which prevents the shroud from sticking to the floor like a suction cup. The DG-725-ME also features the use of a smaller connecting vacuum hose that will not obstruct the movement of the grinder. The DG-725-ME Grinder Shroud is designed to fit the Metabo Model# W24-240 and are sold together as DG-71-ME Hand Held Diamond Grinder.

  • Metabo Model #W24-230
  • Coating removal
  • Concrete preparation
  • Controlled environment grinding
  • Garage and basement floor preparation
  • Durable steel shroud construction
  • 3/8” wall clearance