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BW Manufacturing Multipurpose Chassis for Concrete Preparation Equipment

There are a variety of benefits to having all-in-one chassis, including reduced costs, improved efficiency, and increased flexibility in project planning. All-in-one interchangeable chassis have attachment interchangeability, making it easy for you to switch between shot blasting, scarifying, and diamond grinding for all your surface preparation needs.

Serves Multiple Needs

Prior to installing new concrete coatings or finishes, the existing surface needs to be properly prepared. There are several types of preparation available based on the current condition and type of surface that is currently in place.

Shot Blasting: Shot blasting is the process of propelling abrasive materials toward the work surface using high pressure to roughen up and clean existing surfaces. Shot blasting can also be used to remove existing coatings from concrete surfaces. Efficient, effective shot blasting requires specialized equipment. While you could buy specialized machinery that is made to complete this task, you can also acquire a chassis that allows you to do this along with other tasks such as a BM Manufacturing multipurpose chassis.

Scarifying: Concrete must be scarified to prepare the surface for resurfacing. Scarifying is the roughening and removal of the top layer of an existing concrete surface. Like shot blasting or concrete milling, scarifying can be used to remove existing surface coating. During the scarifying process, the surface is roughened to assist with the fusion between the surface and the material that will coat the surface during the final step of the process. Learn more about scarifying concrete.

Diamond Grinding and Polishing: Grinding and polishing is the most effective way to level uneven surfaces and smooth out rough transition spots. It does not go as deep into the existing surface as shot blasting of scarifying. Grinding is a slower process and is therefore only recommended when an extremely smooth and level surface is required, such as in an interior installation.

Benefits of Having All-in-One Equipment

The equipment is available when you need it. When one piece of equipment can handle all of your surface preparation needs, you no longer have to wait for additional equipment to be delivered. Whereas in the past it was necessary to use separate machines that completed each stage of surface preparation and had to be moved between sites, this is no longer necessary with an all-in-one machine.

Attachment interchangeably allows you to work on smaller parts of your project one at a time. With the ability to switch between attachments, you no longer have to complete all of the shot blasting, scarifying, or diamond grinding all at once.  

Your maintenance and storage cost is reduced. You no longer have multiple pieces of equipment that need to be in storage when not on a job site. Additionally, you only need to maintain a single chassis instead of multiple machines. 

BW Manufacturing Multipurpose Chassis

The BW Manufacturing Multipurpose Chassis has several key features that make it ideal for your concrete preparation needs.

Quality: You want to make sure that you’re purchasing your equipment from a manufacturer that will stand behind their product. Be sure to evaluate the warranty that comes with your purchase against the expected lifetime of the equipment. The purchase of a chassis and the associated pieces is a significant investment for your business and you will want to ensure that your investment is produced by purchasing a solid product from a quality manufacturer. BW Manufacturing makes the highest quality multipurpose chassis and proudly stands by their products.

Size: All-in-one chassis come in various sizes. You need to evaluate your average project size and timeframe to determine which size chassis will best suit your needs. You will also need to determine if you want to purchase a ride on chassis which allows the operator to sit on the
chassis while operating it. BW Manufacturing has two different size chassis, including the D-1800-FT4 and SCB-1200-K, that will work for a wide variety of project sizes.

Price: Budget is always a consideration when selecting machinery. While purchasing all-in-one chassis means that you are only buying a single piece of equipment, you’ll still need to balance your budget with the features and size of the chassis you need. You’ll also need to consider the price of the attachments and whether they are included with the chassis purchase or need to be purchased separately. BM Manufacturing provides the right balance of cost-effective equipment and quality.

Options: Along with the standard chassis, you can customize your equipment by selecting the attachment that’s most appropriate for your work. Additionally, this gives you the option of purchasing the chassis and attachments separately if you do not want to purchase everything up front, which may make budgeting easier. The D-1800 has several interchangeable attachments available for purchase.

Ease of Switching Functions: Prior to purchasing your equipment, you should evaluate whether the attachments can be swapped out by a single person or will require a multi-person crew to remove and reattach. You should also verify that the attachments can be switched out efficiently so you don’t have to waste valuable work time swapping out the components. Check the manufacturer’s specifications to ensure that the equipment will work for you.  

Training: If needed, find out if your manufacturer offers training on your new equipment. You’ll want to verify that you are using the equipment according to the manufacturer’s specifications to protect your investment and ensure its longevity.  

Ongoing Support: Does your manufacturer provide ongoing technical support for any future issues that might arise with your equipment? You’ll want to evaluate the company prior to making a substantial purchase from them. Look at the company’s time in business and make sure you are purchasing from a company that has proven staying power and stands by their products. BW Manufacturing designs and builds its products in Grand Rapids and has been committed to making top-quality products since 1996


BW Manufacturing All-in-One Chassis

All-in-one chassis can be a great addition to your equipment while fulfilling several of your concrete preparation needs. All-in-one chassis are an efficient, effective, and economical addition to your business. BW Manufacturing stands by its commitment to quality products. Its multipurpose chassis can shot blast, scarify, and grind to prepare concrete surfaces quickly and correctly.

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