Concrete Vacuums 101

The cleaning of the concrete dust and debris that is produced during the polishing, grinding and cutting could be a nightmare to masonry and construction workers alike. It seems like the task of putting the concrete blocks together is simple till it is time for the cleaning. In our field of providing equipment to contractors we have been asked the following question frequently:

What is the best way to clean up concrete chips and dust after a project?

We tell them that industrial grade concrete vacuums are the way to go. It is funny, we usually laugh at these so-called experts construction and masonry experts who are doing a good cement job, yet they are unable to do a simple clean-up job. It isn’t unusual to hear them grabbing Billy-Joe to sweep up the debris with a broom. This technique always ends up becoming a failure because all it does is sweep up more dust around the area.

What kind of vacuum do I need to clean concrete?

Many people ask if a regular vacuum is enough, and the answer is a DEFINITIVE no. First of all, your typical Dyson or Hoover would not have enough suction power to suck up the debris from the concrete; and second of all, the regular vacuum would end up breaking or jamming from the smaller dust particles. The reason it would break is because your typical household vacuums aren’t industrial HEPA vacuums. A HEPA vacuum is a vacuum that is able to filter and pick up 99.97% of particles the size of 0.3 micrometers.

Over at BW Manufacturing Inc. we pride ourselves on our selection of top of the line industrial equipment. We made sure to get the best industrial vacuums on the market and all three of our concrete vacuums are HEPA certified. The suction and filtration rate on these vacuums is unparalleled and are the industrial standard. There is a reason why construction and masonry contractors keep coming back and referring their friends to our concrete dust vacuums.

Below we have an example of the A-202 Pulse Vac which has been designed for the contractor who requires a large amount of dust containment. This vacuum swiftly and efficiently cleans up concrete.

Ensure proper concrete cleanup

If you are a contractor on the market for a vacuum that is tough and proven enough for your concrete jobs then look no further. View through our selection of industrial concrete vacuum equipment.

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