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Concrete Vacuums 101

Cleaning up the concrete dust and debris produced by polishing, grinding, and cutting can be difficult and time consuming. Wet sweeping can take forever, while OSHA recommends dry sweeping and dry brushing only as last resorts.

However, with the right equipment, you can expedite cleanup and save time and money while remaining OSHA compliant. While several safety-compliant solutions are available, industrial-grade concrete vacuums are your best choice.

What Kind of Vacuum Do You Need?

A vacuum designed for everyday use around the home is not enough. Your Dysons and Hoovers don’t have the power to collect concrete debris. Even if they did, that debris would jam or break the vacuum, if the concrete dust didn’t break it first. The only thing that can withstand that kind of abuse is an industrial HEPA vacuum able to filter and collect 99.97% of microscopic particles, down to 0.3 microns in size.

BW Manufacturing offers a selection of top-of-the line industrial vacuums, all HEPA certified and designed for concrete cleanup. With standard-setting suction and filtration rates, these unparalleled vacuums are sought out by construction and masonry contractors alike.

From the massive, 55-gallon A-404 Pulse Vac to the powerful and portable A-101 Pulse Vac, BW Manufacturing’s line of dust containment systems has a cleaning solution for jobs of every size. Built-in compressed air pulsation systems keep operation dust free, drastically reducing risk of silicosis and other health hazards.

Ensure Proper Concrete Cleanup

If you are interested in more information about BW Manufacturing’s line of dust containment systems, or are looking to make a purchase, please feel free to contact us. We would be happy to answer any questions you might have about concrete vacuuming equipment and concrete vacuum safety.

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