SB-6 Shot Blaster

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The SB-6 Shot Blaster is your lightweight, portable solution for small to medium size jobs. Its various applications make it one of the most versatile surface prep machines available. The SB-6 features an adjustable handle that allows you to pull or push the unit. This feature allows you the ability to blast in any corner including under shelving and machinery. The horizontally fed blast wheel design leaves a tapered blast edge pattern which eliminates any striping effect. By interchanging the rear liner the SB-6 can blast 4” and 5” line stripes in minutes. The SB-6 was designed to incorporate the liners and housing into one part giving you the ability to replace any and all wear components. When connected to the A-101 Pulse Vac, you achieve a virtually dust-free shot blast system.

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Chassis Specification Sheet

Production Capability: 200 to 400 Square Feet Per Hour (19 to 37 square meters per hour)
Cleaning Path: 6″ (15cm)
4″ (10cm) Line Stripe Adapter (Optional)
Housing Construction Material: Manganese
Interchangeable Liners: All
Wheels: 4 @ 3-1/5″ Poly
Length: 16″ (41cm)
Height: 20″ (51cm)
Width: 14″ (36cm)
Weight: 120 LBS (54kgs)
Motor: 120 Volts – 15 Amps – 3.4hp
Shot Capacity: 15 LBS (7kgs)
Shot Impact Force: 176 MPH (283km/h)
Blast Clearance From Wall: Side – 1.25″ (3cm)
Front – 10″ (25cm)
Rear – 6″ (15cm)
Seal System: Floater Plates & Brushes
  • Garage Floor Prep
  • Under Shelving
  • Trim Work
  • Basement Floors
  • Line Stripes