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BW Equipment Survives Trailer Accident

Las Vegas, NV – 

World of Concrete 2022 was a huge success for the BW Sales Team. As many of the attendees know, our Mobile Showroom was the star of the show in Las Vegas. Our trailer was the most talked about feature at our booth; often stopping people in their tracks to comment on the appearance or step inside the welcoming demo trailer our team set up.

Unfortunately, our luck with the trailer fell short after the show ended. On the route back to Michigan from Nevada, the driver hauling the trailer hit a patch of black ice near Joliet, IL and crashed the trailer and truck into a ditch. Thankfully, the driver and the passenger of the truck were perfectly fine with no injuries to either person. 

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After the initial shock, it was clear that the trailer was totaled and was not going to be able to be towed the remaining distance to Michigan. With quick thinking under pressure, the team hauling our trailer was able to get a flatbed truck to the location to haul the totaled trailer back to our headquarters in Comstock Park.

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American Made, American Tough

Once the trailer made it to our facility, Our General Manager, Darrel rolled up his sleeves to assess the damage to our mobile showroom and our fleet of BW built equipment inside the trailer. Darrel was shocked to realize that the trailer was the only piece of equipment damaged during the accident. 

The trailer itself suffered the worst damage. A bent axle, a rear door that needed to be held shut with ratchet straps for the ride home, bent and damaged side panels, damaged wheel wells and a blown out interior floorboard was enough to make this trailer un-haulable.

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All the equipment manufactured by BW was perfectly fine with virtually no damage. The contents of the trailer included a D-1800-FT4 chassis with two attachments, two large A-404 and B-202 vacuums, five small walk-behind units and a variety of additional trade show supplies. The contents of the trailer were shifted and shaken up a bit, but nothing was lost or fatally damaged during the accident.

Unforeseen issues and accidents are constantly happening in the world we live in and the industry we work in. While we are disappointed in the loss of our Mobile Showroom that we worked so hard to prepare, we are proud that we manufacture equipment tough enough to survive an accident that totaled a 20-foot trailer.

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