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The Only Shot Blasting Equipment Guide You’ll Ever Need

Expanding into the shot blasting market is a natural transition for painters, decorative concrete companies, and coating companies alike. Although only a handful of companies manufacture shot blasting equipment, navigating the market, and making a purchase can still be tough.

BW Manufacturing keeps it simple by offering three categories of scale: small, medium, and large. Small scale is suitable for residential work, medium scale includes indoor facilities or light commercial, while large scale ranges from road work and parking decks to large commercial facilities.

The Benefit of Epoxy Coated Floors

Small-scale residential work typically falls somewhere between 5,000 and 10,000 feet per job, and residential garage floors account for most of these jobs. After all, homeowners want a clean, professional-looking surface in their garage. Aside from the cosmetic benefits, epoxy-coated garage floors offer a durable and impact-resistant surface.

Thicker coatings are also great at covering minor imperfections, and they offer moisture resistance for easy cleaning. Epoxy coating first requires prepping the surface, and one of the most popular methods of garage-floor prep is shot blasting.

Action SB 6

So You Want to Shot Blast a Garage Floor
BW Manufacturing produces a 6-inch, walk-behind shot blaster especially designed for small-scale line striping and residential coatings. The SB-6 blaster utilizes basic 110 voltage and can be powered easily from a wall socket or generator. Plus, the SB-6 weighs a mere 120 lbs., making transportation and operation a snap.

This six-inch blaster was designed to reach within one inch of walls and will save significant time on hand grinding. With an average production capacity of 200 square feet per hour, the SB-6 can blast a two-stall garage in an afternoon.

The SB-6 is also perfect for small line removal work and can be fitted with four- and five-inch reducers to ensure exact width. With its incredible ease of operation, many people choose to run this blaster themselves and have used it in small warehouses, schools, municipalities, golf courses, and athletic facilities.

Need Something Just a Bit Bigger?

One step above the SB-6 is the SCB-1200-K, a 12-inch, ride-on chassis designed for mid-size commercial jobs between 10,000 and 50,000 square feet. Large and productive enough to blast 1,800 square feet per hour, this sleek unit can also maneuver around those tight spots found in every warehouse and parking garage.

The SCB-1200-K uses a 24.8 horsepower, final tier-4 Kubota diesel engine, and comes indoor-ready with a built-in clean air scrubber. Unlike chassis from other manufacturers, this unit has the ability to operate multiple attachments, including a 12-inch scarifier, a 25-inch diamond grinder, and a 25-inch magnetic sweeper. Swapping attachments takes a few minutes and can be performed on site by a single person.

Magnetic Sweeper in action.

For Your Large-Scale Blasting Needs

BW Manufacturing separates itself from the competition by offering the D-1800-FT4, a chassis fitted with an 18-inch shot blasting head and run by a 73-horsepower John Deere, final tier-4 diesel engine. Similar to the 12-inch SCB-1200-K, the D-1800-FT4 comes standard with a clean air scrubber, ready for safe operation indoors.

The D-1800-FT4 is most commonly used in large commercial facilities, bridge deck overlays, parking garages, and road work, and operators can expect to blast between 3,000 and 7,000 square feet per hour. The D-1800-FT4 also features the interchangeable attachment technology found in the SCB-1200-K, with an 18-inch shot blast head, 16-inch scarifier, and a 50-inch diamond grinder all available.

More than a mere high-productivity workhorse, the D-1800-FT4 distinguishes itself from the competition with its vacuum system. At over 2200 CFM, this unit can completely and safely capture all of the dust it creates while shot blasting. Additionally, the D-1800-FT4 chassis offers the quickest and easiest dust disposal in the surface pre industry with its bag-lined hydraulic dump bin.

Whether you are a homeowner or a professional, BW’s shot blasting equipment offers you a safe and clean solution for resurfacing, restoration, and repair. Contact BW today to speak with an expert about product questions, or to get a quote!

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